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3D Architecture Malaysia

3D Architecture Malaysia

3D Architecture Architect Studio 3d architectural visualization render 3d modeler

We are freelance 3d architecture, architect studio, 3d architectural visualization, render, 3d modeler base in Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia that provide 3D drawings, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and 3D design with 3D max.

3d architecture architect studio 3d architectural visualization render 3d modeler

Construct a building is not only limited to a simple rectangular with walls and ceiling. Such a building was for primitive tribes. Expanding communities, civilization, increasing population has changed the life system a lot. Nowadays we go far beyond. Some people prefer a small apartment while some love large houses.

Both cases need different techniques of design. The first one needs to use entire space for furniture placement, so we should make best use of place, whereas the second one focuses on beautiful design, therefore our designers would work on applying different styles and various materials. Life style is changing speedily. Consumerism age persuade us to try new products, to change our merchandise a lot and to experience new thing and events.

Here is an architecture studio. Our freelance architect designers with more than 5 years’ experience in all branches of designing will design your house or every building from the first stage to the final stage. The entire job is done here in our company. No need to look for an interior designer, exterior designer and landscape designer. Our work begins with layout planning, constructing the plan, and then we will come to interesting part of job, interior design. In every stage we keep in touch with our clients to notify them about new ideas and materials and recent technology. When everything fixed, we will go to next stage.

One important and difficult point in architect design is that we must design in a way to supply everything needed, beautify the building both from inside perspective and outside perspective. As we said before, constructing a house is not simple work. For example, detecting ideal place for windows to supply inside light and build symmetrical or well-shaped view from outside take a lot of time and need qualified architect designers.

Have you bought your land? How many storey/floor do you want to build? You can browse in our album to get some ideas for your own house.

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3D Architecture Malaysia

3D Architecture

3D Architecture Malaysia

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